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Fish are animals that live in fresh water and sea water in many types of fish in the world as there are now 7 Most Beautiful Fish in the World would know any kind of fish it see below.

See this fish is not the color gorgeous there are two varieties of this species, namely Mandarin fish standards and Psychedelic Mandarin. however who has the color the most a nice is varieties who price this fish else in the selling not too expensive only about 20 USD per tail, however problem from this fish is the difficulty of look for his food.

This fish is a freshwater fish species may be one freshwater fish most beautiful ever fish sell most expensive for child course measuring approximately 3 inches sell for $ 50 $ 80.

This fish besides the color beautiful, but her form was creepy and very dangerous poison very painful and quite effectively hurt the enemy fish is also commonly called the Zebrafish.

Fish koi is a fish that all supposed bring good luck to care , there are is more than 100 variants the color of fish koi the collectors of koi also volunteer pay hundred dollars just for hunt down color pattern koi.

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