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A mosque is a place of worship of Muslims. In the month of Ramadan like this, it’s become very normal and beautiful scenery while many Muslim converts flocked deeds multiply in the mosque. Because of the vital role, many groups of people who build the mosque so up to get a home design that looks beautiful God. And apparently many countries in the world’s most recognizable because they have beautiful mosques.

Curious as to what the architecture of 10 most beautiful mosques in the world? Prepare amazement and say Praise be to God for the beauty of the work of human hands divine gift from Sang.

1. Masjidl Haram – Saudi Arabia
Haram is certainly the most beautiful mosques in the world. Be the holiest mosque, this mosque center sleuruh berpalingnya Muslims world. Throughout the area with all the space can accommodate 4 million pilgrims during the hajj. Remarkably, the entire space is enclosed in Grand Mosque to get air-conditioning that will definitely make anyone more comfortable to linger in it.

2. Jami ‘Hasanal Bolkiah – Brunei
This magnificent mosque in Brunei is recognized by the local community and mosque named Kiarong. Seemed less so beautiful gold dome, the mosque memili art gardens with fountains that make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable when full effect intended for prayers at it. If precise is called mosque bring heavenly aura?

3. Sheikh Zayed Mosque – UAE
Become one of the world’s largest mosque, the mosque has 82 domes, over 1000 columns and 24-karat pure gold pillars that line-pilarnya. The main prayer space dominated by one of the world’s largest chandeliers. This mosque has a clear pond that surrounds the building. White and striking gold shining in the sun to make an impression very luxurious and beautiful.

4. Great Mosque of Jenne – Mali
Great Mosque of Djenne is not just be a building made of mud bricks and compact largest in the world, but also become a model eco-friendly architecture citadel. The mosque was to be one of the best examples of architectural styles in the arid Sahel and Sudan which is located in the southern region of the Sahara desert.

5. QOL Sharif mosque – Russia
QOL Sharif mosque located in Kazan Kremlin and becomes the largest mosque in Russia and in Europe (outside Turkey). The mosque is named Qolsarif derived from a worker who died there when student demonstrations occurred in the past 1552 years. This mosque has a tower in the form of solid dome or tent with traditional design to Volga Bulgaria.

6. Crystal Mosque – Malaysia
Crystal Mosque is known by that name because of its structure made of steel, glass, and crystal. located at Islamic Heritage Park on the island of Wan Man, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. This mosque has pendaran unusual crystal light when seen in the night sky temaramnya.

7. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque – Brunei
Located in the capital of Brunei, the mosque with a golden dome shining brightly at night. Despite a population of only 400 thousand inhabitants, two thirds of Brunei population particularly strict Islamic law. The mosque is built with marble imported from Italy, granite flooring from China, crystal chandeliers from England, as well as decorative carpets and the main dome of pure gold.

8. Masjid Nabawi – Saudi Arabia
Nabawi Mosque of the Prophet’s mosque and were named to be the second holiest mosque in the Islamic world. Located in the heart of the holy mosque is a place known by the name Qubbathul Kadra or Dome of the Prophet. Remarkably, in the form of an unusually large, Nabawi mosque is equipped with air conditioning and entirely decorated with luxurious marble.

9. Faisal Mosque – Pakistan
The mosque is located on a plateau with beautiful background Margalla hills on the north end and the western foot of the Himalayas. Faisal Mosque to be one of the biggest in the world’s largest South Asian region. Faisal Mosque looks solid with a unique architecture that looks beautiful even at night.

10. Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Turkey
Known by the nickname the Blue Mosque, the mosque was built near the Hagia Sophia. The mosque was built in 7 years. With the rise domes and six slender towers, mosque dominate the skyline of Istanbul. This mosque complex initially included madrasas, hospitals, elementary schools, markets, until the founder’s tomb. But most of the current building demolished 19th century.

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